[Python] This is easy! Search for tweets on Twitter

I have tweepy installed with python3.6.3. Just do this in python.

# coding: utf-8

import tweepy

CONSUMER_KEY = "Consumer key"
CONSUMER_SECRET = "Consumer secret key"
auth = tweepy.OAuthHandler(CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET)

ACCESS_TOKEN = "Access token"
ACCESS_SECRET = "Access secret token"
auth.set_access_token(ACCESS_TOKEN, ACCESS_SECRET)

api = tweepy.API(auth)

for tweet in api.search(q=u"iphone"):

Information modification source: https://gist.github.com/kurozumi/fee149ff02a968b5990e98f63c049320

Click here for parts written in Japanese such as "consumer key" and "access token"! https://qiita.com/kngsym2018/items/2524d21455aac111cdee

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