[PYTHON] [PyCharm] Japanese localization procedure (version 2020.1.2 or later)

I switched PyCharm from the free version to the paid version, and I got a little addicted to the procedure of Japanese localization, so I will share it.

Those who want to read this article

――I want to translate PyCharm into Japanese --I couldn't install it with the Pleiades plugin

Addictive event

According to [PyCharm Japanese localization], there are many steps to use [Pleiades plugin] in the top of Google search results (as of 2021/1/11).

When I tried the procedure, the error "Please specify an application that can be translated into Japanese with Pleiades" was displayed (image below). pleiades_warning


However, the free version of PyCharm (Community Edition) will succeed. pleiades_success

Why? My environment is as follows.


When installed via JetBrains Toolbox, the Pleiades plugin cannot be translated into Japanese. It may be possible if you do your best, but there was an easier way, so I will introduce it this time.

By the way, JetBrains Toolbox is a JetBrains product management tool. I installed it when I introduced a tool other than PyCharm. Version upgrade management will be easier (I left it, but w).

[WebStorm] is recommended for those who also write front-end systems such as React! The operation of the editor is almost the same, so it's quick to get used to it ^^


Japanese localization procedure

  1. Open PyCharm

  2. Select Menu> File> Preference preference

  3. Search for Japanese Language Pack in Plugins

  1. Install Japanese Language Pack
  1. Restart PyCharm Apply the Preferences dialog and select OK to bring up the restart dialog. Select [Restart] to restart! pycharm_restart

that's all! It was an easier procedure than using the Pleiades plugin!

According to the reference article, Japanese localization using the Pleiades plugin seems to be deprecated. I hope this step ranks high in Google search ..!

I want to get used to English, but I feel that Japanese is more intuitive and speeds up my work! (I have to do my best in English) Have a nice Python life!

Reference article

-JetBrains Desktop Product Japaneseization

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