[PYTHON] Investigate django user management

Django originally has two ways to manage users.

Reference: https://qiita.com/okoppe8/items/10ae61808dc3056f9c8e

I'm currently investigating other things.

Reference: https://blog.narito.ninja/detail/39

I would like to implement it while analyzing this article. It will take 10 hours just to make a login screen (laugh)

I think I wrote the code for the login screen created by access in 20 minutes. After all, the Web is difficult, but if you understand it, you will surely be able to implement it at the same level.

I try to paste the code and implement it, but only errors (laughs)

I have to recreate the project from scratch The code is messed up

Recently, I've just run the system at work and haven't taken the time to develop Django. After a few years of steadily doing it, you will be able to create what you want.

I will read other articles related to the login screen to gain knowledge.

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