[PYTHON] Command line introductory notes

Aidemy 2020/10/4


Hello, it is Yope! I am a liberal arts student, but I was interested in the possibilities of AI, so I went to the AI-specialized school "Aidemy" to study. I would like to share the knowledge gained here with you, and I am summarizing it on Qiita. I am very happy that many people have read the previous summary article. Thank you! This time, it's an introduction to Progate's command line. Nice to meet you.

About the command line

-The command line is for operating a computer using only characters, such as a terminal. -The "directory where you are" on the command line is called current directory. -The "parental hierarchy" on the command line is called __root directory __. -The "directory that is the starting point of work" on the command line is called home directory.

Various commands

Create / view files / folders

-File creation: __touch File name __ -File contents display: __cat file name __ -Creating a directory (folder): __mkdir Directory name __ -Move directory: __cd directory name __ -View directory hierarchy: pwd -Display the contents of the directory: ls -Move to one parent directory: cd .. -Move to home directory: cd

Move / copy / delete files / folders

-Move file: __mv file name Move destination directory name __ -Move by directory: __mv directory name Move destination directory name __ -File name change: __mv file name New file name __ -Change directory name: __mv directory name New directory name __ -File copy: __cp file name Copy file name __ -Directory copy: __cp -r directory name Copy directory name __ -Delete file: __rm file name __ -Delete directory: __rm -r directory name __

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