[PYTHON] Checking if you are Sudoku

I posted it earlier, but it is possible that the link did not meet the terms, so I deleted it and reposted. I also tried to correct the pointed out point. Last time, I realized it by using three while statements, but I changed it to a for statement. I have received advice on using .numpy, so I would like to understand that and take on the challenge.

target1 = [[1,2,3],
target2 = [[1,1,1],
target3 = [[1,2,3],
target4 = [[1,2,3,4,5],
def check(target):
    n = len(target)
    digit = 1
    for i in range(0, n):  #The number of elements is 3, which is 0 to 3, that is, 0.,1,2
        row_count = 0
        col_count = 0
        for j in range(0, n):
            if target[i][j] == digit:
                row_count += 1
            if target[j][i] == digit:
                col_count += 1
        if row_count != 1 or col_count != 1:
            return False
        digit += 1
    return True
def test():
    print('For Sudoku form')
    assert check(target1) == True
    print('If the contents of the list are all the same number')
    assert check(target2) == False
    print('If only the last list does not meet the criteria')
    assert check(target3) == False
    print('Normal system in the case of 5 × 5')
    assert check(target4) == True
    print('test ok')

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