[PYTHON] Julia Quick Note [03] Complex Numbers

Complex number (example of writing)


The imaginary unit is represented by im.
 z = 4 + 3im

◆ Real part

◆ Imaginary part

◆ Complex conjugate

◆ Absolute value
 abs2(z)… A function that gets the square of the absolute value


In mathematics, the complex number $ z $ is generally expressed as follows, with the complex number unit being $ i $, $ x $ and $ y $ as real numbers.

z = x + iy

In Julia, the imaginary unit can be $ im $ as well to represent complex numbers. For example, if the real part is 3 and the imaginary part is 4, it will be as follows.

z = 4 + 3im

◆ You can get the real part (real part) with real (z). image.png ◆ You can get the imaginary part (imaginary part) with imag (z). image.png ◆ To get the complex conjugate, use conj (z). image.png ◆ Absolute value of complex number|z|To get abs(z)Use the. image.png There is also a function ** abs2 () ** to get the square of the absolute value. This is convenient if you want to take the square. 001.jpg

: point_up_2: Julia allows you to perform four arithmetic operations on complex numbers.

addition image.png subtraction image.png multiplication image.png division image.png ◆ Confirm by numerical calculation that ① below holds.

z = 1 +As 2im\\
zz^* = x^2 + y^2 = |z|^2  ... ①

Calculating $ zz ^ * $ gives:

zz^* = (1 + 2im) * conj(1 + 2im) = 5

image.png Also, if you calculate $ x ^ 2 + y ^ 2 $, it will be as follows.

x^2 + y^2 = 1 + 2^2 = 5

Finally,|z|^2Is calculated as follows. 001.jpg Therefore, ① was confirmed.


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