Relationship between Firestore and Go data type conversion


--Go to Firestore data type conversion

--Firestore to Go data type conversion

Firestore data type

Data type conversion from Go to Firestore

Go Firestore
bool Bool
string String
int, int8, int16, int32 and int64 Integer
uint8, uint16 and uint32 Integer
uint, uint64 and uintptr [^6]No good
float32 and float64 Double
[]byte Bytes
time.Time and [^7]*ts.Timestamp Timestamp
[^3]*latlng.LatLng GeoPoint
Slices Array
*firestore.DocumentRef Reference
Maps and structs Map
All types of nil Null

[^ 6]: Because it may have a value that cannot be represented by int64, which is the basis of the integer type. [^ 7]: ts package: ""

Data type conversion from Firestore to Go

Firestore Go
Null nil
Boolean value(Bool) bool
String(String) string
integer(Integer) [^1]int64
Floating point number(Double) [^2]float64
Part-Time Job(Bytes) []byte
Date and time(Timestamp) time.Time
Geographic coordinates(GeoPoint) [^3]*latlng.LatLng
Array(Arrays ) [^4][]interface{}
map(Maps) [^5]map[string]interface{}
reference(References) *firestore.DocumentRefs

[^ 1]: Integer types other than uint, uint64, uintptr (regardless of signed or unsigned) are allowed when set in a structure field. The overflow is detected as an error. [^ 2]: Float32 is also allowed when set in a struct field. The overflow is detected as an error. [^ 3]: latlng package: "" [^ 4]: When set in a structure field, it is recursively entered as a slice or array of any type. Slice will be resized to fit the input value. In an array, the surplus elements are filled with 0, and conversely, if the array is too short, the remainder of the input value is deleted. [^ 5]: When set in the structure field, the key is a string only, the value can be of any type and is entered recursively.

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