[PYTHON] Julia Quick Note [07] try, catch, finally

try, catch, finally (writing example)


 (Main processing)
 (Exception handling)

◆ Example using finally
  (Exception handling)
  (Exception handling)
  (Final processing)


・ Catch and finally are optional.

Table of contents

Julia Quick Look Note [01] How to use variables and constants Julia Quick Look Note [02] Arithmetic Expressions, Operators [Julia Quick Note [03] Complex Numbers] (https://qiita.com/ttabata/items/225c77a4d71fafc3e482) Julia Quick Look Note [04] Regular Expression [Julia quick note [05] if statement] (https://qiita.com/ttabata/items/4f0bcff1e32f60402dfb) [Julia fast-drawing note [06] loop processing] (https://qiita.com/ttabata/items/2a53825101b0b75fb589) [Julia Quick Note [07] try, catch, finally] (https://qiita.com/ttabata/items/1d6fe990526c99b65b5f)

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