Microsoft Azure Go Introduction

"Joint Study Group in Big City Okayama -2020 Winter Online-" was held online on November 3, 2020 (Tuesday). This was the first time the event was held online, but I was relieved that the atmosphere was the same as before, with a wide variety of sessions.

In 2020, Microsoft Azure information that I got in the process of learning "Azure SDK for Go" so far We announced it in "Introduction to Microsoft Azure Go" as a tribute to those who took care of us as a back theme.

-[Video] Introduction to Microsoft Azure Go-YouTube --[Material] Introduction to Microsoft Azure-slideshare

I was worried that the scheduled 20 minutes would be exceeded no matter how many times I rehearsed until just before, but I was relieved that the actual performance was almost on time.

Information on Microsoft, Azure, and the community in Japan at the moment, and related Go information that has become a little this time. There may be Azure you don't know! ??

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Microsoft Azure Go Introduction
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