[LINUX] [Note] ssh connection from terminal with AWS LightSail


A memorandum of practice for building a data science environment with AWS LightSail

table of contents

  1. Create an instance with LightSail
  2. shh connection

1. Create an instance with AWS lightsail

https://lightsail.aws.amazon.com image.png

2. ssh connection

Download your private key from your account page image.png Account page image.png

Store the private key and configuration file in the "~ / .shh" directory

cd ~/.ssh
Lightsail_ubuntu_20201123.pem	config
#Lightsail_ubuntu_20201123.pem ・ ・ ・ Private key
#config ・ ・ ・ configuration file


host lightsail_ubuntu
	Port 22
	User ubuntu
	IdentityFile ~/.ssh/Lightsail_ubuntu_20201123.pem

ssh connection

ssh lightsail_ubuntu

Alternatively, you can add the private key option without setting the config file.

ssh -i Lightsail_ubuntu_20201123.pem [email protected]

This completes the connection!


-Ssh connect to Amazon Lightsail server https://nana4-story.com/ssh-amazon-lightsail

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