[PYTHON] [Note] Beginning of programming


Currently, my main business is research in natural sciences. It does not handle a huge amount of data that is difficult to analyze, and Excel is almost enough for data analysis. A little difficult analysis is a situation where R can cover almost everything. However, recently I have no experience in programming, but I thought that I would like to see it for the first time because I think that it will be useful in the future when I see machine learning, electronic work, business automation, and so on.

What i want to study

1.python I specialize in machine learning and found some relevance to my work. 2. Electronic work Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, etc. It seems that it will shed some light on my research field, which is far from advanced technology.

Keep in mind

Until now, I haven't read all the books and produced any output. I would like to keep in mind the output because it is okay to describe the study results as they are. I can't remember at all without outputting it. I don't know how long it will last, but I want to do my best.

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