[Understanding in 3 minutes] The beginning of Linux


Terminals come out when you start learning programming. Have you often seen the description of Linux or UNIX in the job change conditions? I wondered what Linux is.

What is Linux?

In conclusion, Linux is "one of the operating systems". (OS = the most important software for managing personal computers) OS is Windows and MacOS, and Linux introduced this time. Windows and MacOS are used for personal computers, but Linux is mainly used for the servers that make up the Internet.

Also called the Linex kernel

Linux may also refer to the Linux kernel instead of the OS. Linux refers to software that plays the role of the basic functions of the OS.

Role of the Linux kernel

The role of the Linux kernel is to manage hard disks and memory and to monitor connected devices.

The origin of Linux

I also examined the background of Linux. The OS called UNIX was born in the world in 1969, and Linux was developed from this UNIX. After that, multiple operating systems were developed from the Linux kernel.

Why can I use Linux commands on my Mac?

MacOS is a BSD-based OS, so you can use UNIX commands in your terminal.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unkvw8TGC6g

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