[PYTHON] Implement Twitter, Google, and email logins.

These technologies make it easy to implement.

Implemented by yourself (Twitter, Google)

Let's implement Twitter login with PHP https://dotinstall.com/lessons/tw_connect_php_v3#!lessons

Let's create a web service to log in with Google https://dotinstall.com/lessons/google_connect_php_v2

Use BaaS/MBaaS environment.

Firebase https://firebase.google.com/?hl=ja

Use Ruby on Rails

[Rails] Implement login function https://qiita.com/d0ne1s/items/7c4d2be3f53e34a9dec7

Simple PHP login implementation

Simple login function made with php https://qiita.com/qwertyuiopngsdfg/items/597da67387723a5aedad

Let's implement login function with PHP 5.6 https://dotinstall.com/lessons/sns_php_v3

Sending "Forgot Password" email

Explaining how to send an email with PHP [Easy to understand even for the first time] https://techplay.jp/column/550

Icon image settings

I made an image uploader with Python (CGI) https://masublog.net/python/pythoncgiimageuploader/

Batch resizing (enlarging / reducing) images with Python and Pillow https://note.nkmk.me/python-pillow-image-resize/

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Implement Twitter, Google, and email logins.
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