[LINUX] [Docker] Introduction of capacity visualization tool "duf" in Alpine


--The df and du commands are often used to check the capacity in the system. --Therefore, I used a capacity visualization tool called duf on my mac. --Since it was convenient, it was necessary to expand it to alpine in Docker as well. --This time, I will record the introduction of ** duf ** to Alpine Linux in Docker.



Get required files

--Get the required binaries anywhere with the following command. -** Because it is not prepared as an apk package. ** ** --If you don't have the wget command, use the curl command instead.

#Create / move acquisition location
mkdir ~/work
cd ~/work
#Get binary
wget https://github.com/muesli/duf/releases/download/v0.5.0/duf_0.5.0_linux_amd64.apk

-** * Change /etc/resolve.conf as follows only when an error like wget: bad address'github.com' appears **


# This file is included on the metadata iso
nameserver  #Change


--Get duf from the binary with the following command.

#Get duf
apk add --allow-untrusted duf_0.5.0_linux_amd64.apk 

-** * An error output is output, but it is available. ** **


--Check if it can be used like the command on the screen below.


-** * Below are examples of each convenient option. See here for details **





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