[PYTHON] A story stuck with the installation of the machine learning library JAX

I heard that a machine learning library called JAX can be used from python, so I installed it It is a memo of the place where it got stuck at the time of installation

I tried to install JAX using pip

pip install jax jaxlib

First of all, here is the error:

ValueError: jaxlib is version 0.1.23, but this version of jax requires version 0.1.37.

The solution is written at the bottom of the error message, so do it obediently.

pip install --upgrade pip
pip install --upgrade jax jaxlib

Click here for the next error:

AttributeError: module 'numpy' has no attribute 'histogram_bin_edges'

It seems that there is a numpy error from the error message, so upgrade numpy.

pip install --upgrade numpy

Click here for the last error:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'numpy.testing.decorators'

Looking at the top of the error message, it seems that it is a scipy error instead of numpy, so upgrade scipy.

pip install --upgrade scipy

It worked

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