[PYTHON] Pygame2 for Multi touch device

If python's pygame works on Android, try it until you can operate it with a button ...

When I was researching, kivy was a UI design language, so I thought that I could make it for Android with pygame, so I tried one tutorial, but I have to write it all in kivy, right? I have come to understand.

I just want to add a button, but when it comes to coding with kivy, pygame can't be used, so I stopped there and looked for a function that could be pressed for touch devices with pygame.

There is, but I can't imagine how to use it because it's not written in the document.

However, I was wondering if I could do it for about 3 days, but I was wondering if I could do it, but I found someone who wrote it in a book with sample code. , I pasted the code and added a little.

pygame 4000 book https://pygame.itch.io/pygame-book/devlog/204497/new-sections-added-to-pygame-book



Cf. I will paste it https://qiita.com/dauuricus/private/

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Pygame2 for Multi touch device