Resize multipart.File type image with golang ~ Upload to S3


While developing the API server made by golang individually, I implemented the logic to edit the image file received from the front side such as resizing and upload it to S3. At that time, I struggled quite a bit, so I would like to summarize the main points.


Parse multipart/form-data

file, _, err := r.FormFile("image")

It will be possible to handle file as multipart.File type with go.

Pour the contents into the buffer

img := &models.Image{
		UserID: uid,
		Buf:    &bytes.Buffer{},

	_, err := img.Buf.ReadFrom(file)
	if err != nil {
		return &models.Image{}, err

Since this app uses layered architecture + DDD, we declare the Image model as a pointer type and flow the data into the buffer by passing by reference. At this time, if you do not declare the Buf that stores the buffer, the address area will not be secured and a nil error will occur, so be careful.

image editing

func ResizeImage(i *models.Image) error {
img, t, err := image.Decode(i.Buf)
	if err != nil {
		return err


err = jpeg.Encode(i.Buf, m, nil)
		if err != nil {
			return err

If you make it a buffer type, you can decode and encode it, so edit the image such as resizing here.

Upload to S3

uploader := s3manager.NewUploader(sess)
		_, err = uploader.Upload(&s3manager.UploadInput{
			Bucket: aws.String("example"),
			Key:    aws.String(img.Name),
			Body:   img.Buf,

You can upload as a buffer type, so just define the target bucket, name, etc. and you're done! !!

Reference material

Parsing multipart/form-data in Go AWS SDK for Go S3 Bucket Basic Operation ( Impression when creating real-time image resizing API with Go + Serverless Application Model

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