[Python] What is pandas Series and DataFrame?

pandas Series, DataFrame

I started to get started with machine learning theory for IT engineers. I didn't know what the DataFrame meant, so I got stuck. It is the result of the investigation. By the way, Series

From the official documentation of the pandas 0.17.1 documentation

The two primary data structures of pandas, Series (1-dimensional) and DataFrame (2-dimensional), handle the vast majority of typical use cases in finance, statistics, social science, and many areas of engineering. For R users, DataFrame provides everything that R’s data.frame provides and much more.

Simple translation Pandas has two main data structures. ** Series is one-dimensional ** ** DataFrame is 2D ** These are used in various fields (finance, statistics ...) From the R user's point of view, DataFrame provides more than R's data.frame provides.

How to use

#Numerical library import
import numpy
#Import Series and DataFrame from data analysis library
from pandas import Series, DataFrame

#data dummy argument:data. array-like, dict, or scalar value
#index dummy argument:Subscript of data. array-like or Index (1d)
#dtype dummy argument:data type. numpy.dtype or None
#copy dummy argument:copy. Default is false
#name formal argument:Name given to the result
print(Series(data=[2,3], index=['x', 'y'], name='value'))

#data dummy argument:data( numpy ndarray (structured or homogeneous), dict, or DataFrame)
#index dummy argument:Index of the element. The default is numbers like a subscript array
#columns Formal argument:Two-dimensional index. The default is a number
#dtype dummy argument:data type. dtype, default None
#copy dummy argument:copy. The default is false.
print(DataFrame(numpy.array([[0,0],[1,1]]), index=['a', 'b']))
print(DataFrame(numpy.array([[0,0],[1,1]]), index=['a', 'b'], columns=['x', 'y']))


0    0
1    1
dtype: int64

x    2
y    3
Name: value, dtype: int64

   0  1
0  0  0
1  1  1

   0  1
a  0  0
b  1  1

   x  y
a  0  0
b  1  1

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