Python-Mouse and keyboard operation with pyautogui


Do you know that you can operate the mouse and keyboard automatically? With pyautogui, you can easily operate the mouse and keyboard.

Basics of pyautogui

moveTo The moveTo function is a function for moving the mouse pointer.

pyautogui.moveTo(x coordinate,y coordinate)

click The click function is a function to click a specific position on the PC screen. coordinate,y coordinate)

rightClick The rightClick function is a function to right-click a specific position on the PC.

pyautogui.rightClick(x coordinate,y coordinate)

position The position function is a function to get the current mouse position.

print("x coordinate", place.x)
print("y coordinate", place.y)

typewrite The typewrite function is a function that inputs the passed character string character by character.


hotkey The hotkey function is a function for entering keys such as the Enter key (Return key) and the Alt key.



Have you become proficient in pyautogui? I hope so. I will continue to write many articles about Python. If you read this article and have any thoughts, please let us know in the comments.

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