[PYTHON] Easily share terminal screenshots.


When sharing an error that occurred when installing a ruby gem created by a friend in the laboratory on my machine, I found it troublesome to take a picture of the screen with a smartphone and share it on line. So I decided to create this.


Post to discord

Notes on posting messages from python via Discord webhook

Refer to here and post the image to discord using api.

Take a screenshot

At the terminal

$ screencapture -i -x ~/screenshot/test.png

Now you can specify the capture range yourself and save it as test.png in the specified folder without the shutter sound.

Completed by combining


import json
import requests
import os

path = "{0}/tmp.png ".format(os.environ['HOME'])
os.system(f"screencapture -i -x {path}")

WEBHOOK_URL = "your webhook url"

#Image attachment
with open(path, 'rb') as f:
    file_bin = f.read()
files_qiita = {
    "ss": ("tmp.png ", file_bin),
res = requests.post(WEBHOOK_URL, files=files_qiita)

os.system(f"rm {path}")


Set alias in fish config.


alias ss='python3 ~/screenshot/ss.py'


Now I'm posting to the discord channel. With this, it is not possible to select and send a specific friend. For example, try to send an image to line's personal talk.

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Easily share terminal screenshots.