[LINUX] Bash was Zsh when I updated my Mac

When I updated my Mac, bash was zsh

bash or zsh seems to be a kind of shell

What is a shell

shell is software that provides an interface for interacting with the OS. It accepts commands from the user, interacts with the kernel, which is the core of the OS, and calls the kernel program. The kernel manages the resources used to operate the application.

In other words, shell is software that interprets commands hit by the user so that the kernel can understand them.

bash and zsh

I somehow understood about shell, so about these two.

zsh is upward compatible with bash ??

I looked up some of them, but many of them were written like this.

What's good about Zsh?

·lightweight ・ Customizable ・ Shell that takes advantage of bash, tcsh, and ksh ・ The complementary function is amazing! ・ Abundant functions

I somehow understood the characteristics of zsh like this. You should learn more about shells and kernels in the first place ... That's all for today.

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