Posted as an attachment to Slack on AWS Lambda (Python)

I was making AWS Lambda that fetches a file from Amazon S3 and posts it to Slack as an attachment, but I struggled because AWS Lambda's Python environment did not include the requests module.

Premise / Environment

AWS Lambda Python environment

What I wanted to do

  1. Get the file from Amazon S3
  2. Post the file as an attachment with Slack's files.upload API (use multipart / form-data for content type)

What I couldn't do and why

Uploading files in Python Or As you can see in, it is standard to use requests. However, AWS Lambda's Python environment did not include the requests module.


--Use Lambda Layer with requests -** Use urllib.request instead of requests <-Adopt **


Even if you use urllib.request, you need to create multipart form data, so I referred to the following URL. The ʻencode_multipart_formdata` method described in this article converts the data part and the file part into the multipart form data format.

Using this, I did the following.


##Point 1:Define parameters excluding file parameter
data = {
   'token': <your token>,
   'channels': <your channels>,
   'initial_comment': key + 'Post:eyes:',
   'filename': key,
   'filetype': 'webp'

url = ""
content = open('/tmp/' + key, 'rb').read()

##Point 2:define the file parameter
file = {'file': {'filename': key, 'content': content}}

##Point 3:Convert data and file into one multipart form data
content_type, body = encode_multipart_formdata(data, file)

header = {'Content-Type': content_type}
request = urllib.request.Request(url, body, header)
response = urllib.request.urlopen(request)

The point is

  1. Define parameters in the data variable excluding the file parameter of the Slack files.upload API.
  2. Define the file parameter of the Slack files.upload API with the file variable
  3. Convert to multipart form data with ʻencode_multipart_formdata` method

3 points. You can now post files to Slack with AWS Lambda without using requests.


Which is easier to make a Lambda Layer ...?

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