Try Alfresco 6.0 on Windows (Docker will be introduced at the same time)

Alfresco is the latest version and is now distributed as a Docker image. It's easier in terms of trials, but you may not know what to do if you're not familiar with Docker in the first place. Since my machine is Windows 10 Pro, I will try to make it locally.

Insert Docker

Insert Docker. The Docker environment on Windows is trouble-free. There are currently two options.

There are some restrictions, and you need to choose one based on that.

  1. If you need a VirtualBox environment, Docker Toolbox Hyper-V and VirtualBox cannot coexist. If you want to run the old Alfresco separately on VirtualBox, Docker Toolbox is better. There is a way to make the old Alfresco into a Docker image, but if you can do that, Docker for Windows is fine.

  2. If the OS is Windows 10 Home, Docker Toolbox Windows 10 Home doesn't have Hyper-V, so it's inevitably a Docker Toolbox.

  3. Docker Toolbox if you want to use minikube This time it's just Docker, but if you're thinking of trying it out easily with the local version of Kubernetes, minikube, Docker Toolbox seems to be more stable.

Although it is a small difference, the default IP when accessing from the host (such as when accessing with a browser) differs between Docker Toolbox and Docker for Windows.

After installing Docker, save an account for DockerHub. This is necessary because Alfresco images etc. are downloaded from there.

Once you have an account, log in from the command line (if -p is unacceptable for security, use only one and enter from standard input)

docker login -u username -p password

By the way, the command line environment can be used from standard PowerShell, but I use Git Bash because it is easy to use.

Start Alfresco

Get Alfresco. There is Docker Compose configuration files on GitHub, so clone it using the Git client.

git clone

In the cloned ╩╗acs-community-deployment / docker-compose` folder,

docker-compose up

To do.

All the required containers should be started and Alfresco should be up. Access from a browser and check.

In addition, it should be noted

These IP addresses are ... On a Mac, hosts is rewritten at startup, so it seems that an alias may be entered (?), But that is unlikely in a Windows environment. So, look at the resident Docker Descktop (for Docker for windows) or the control panel network. It seems that a virtual adapter is created there and the IP is set. Please refer to it.


For those who will be introduced to Ubuntu, this article by nico of the open source police will be helpful.

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