[LINUX] DisplayPort daisy chain (Daisy chain-MTS) was completed with CentOS8 (Hitobashira report)


CentOS8 Ryzen7 3700X Geforce 1660SUPER Driver: nvidia 440.36 Daisy Chain Source: Dell UltraSharp 24 InfinityEdge U2417H 23.8 inch Daisy chain destination: Dell monitor 23 inch S2319HS

What is a daisy chain?

Make a connection from PC → monitor → monitor. It is not a connection of monitor ← PC → monitor. It is a kind of DisplayPort function, and the monitor must support it (at least it must be a monitor with DP output </ font>, and it must support MST. Even if there are two INs It is not like outputting from one side.)

It worked without doing anything special

In the above environment, set up as https://qiita.com/iCyP/items/b85f41ffaeed52ac26b7. When I turned on the MTS of the U2417H and started the OS, it was recognized without any problem and displayed as an extended display. It seems that a hack was posted a few years ago that ubuntu recognizes that the display will be taken from hibernation once, but now it seems that is not the case. (When the MST setting of the monitor was turned OFF-> ON in the startup state, there was a place where it froze. Screenshot from 2019-12-10 18-02-45.png

p.s. Of course, I also recognized win10 machines with different environments. Report demand? I don't think there are many ... Cables are reduced, but the monitor 1 that I want to connect in a row must be MST compatible, which I have never seen at a low price, except for the power cable.

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DisplayPort daisy chain (Daisy chain-MTS) was completed with CentOS8 (Hitobashira report)