[LINUX] Did it become so easy when it became centos8?

If you put gmone, is it the same for centos7?

The installation doesn't change much. Put it in the same way as centos7. When the installation is finished and restarted ... The installation started again. Hey. Is it because the CD is still mounted? After unmounting the installation CD and rebooting. How, the GUI will be launched. Even GNOME.

VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_19_11.png It seems that you have to agree to the license, which has never been heard before. Click License Infomation to get to the common consent screen. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_19_25.png The content is simple. Check I accept the license agreement and click the Finish button in the upper right. After returning to the initial setup screen, the user settings are made. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_21_09.png Enter the user and password and click Finish. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_20_46.png

After waiting for a while, the user name will be displayed. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_21_31.png When you click the user, the password input screen will be displayed. Enter the password and click Sign In. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_21_39.png The Welcome screen is displayed. Since the language selected at the time of installation is checked, just click Next. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_22_15.png Keyboard layout selection. This is also checked in Japanese, so go to the next. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_22_25.png What is location-based services? Will it come with something like this? Personally, I want to make it NO !, but for the time being, just go to the next. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_22_39.png Even the current settings for connecting to an online account. For the time being, do nothing and go to the next. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_22_48.png Ready! What happened to centos! VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_22_57.png Suddenly a screen opened where you can see the kind explanation for the first person. What a mess. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_23_08.png I tried scrolling. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_23_18.png Well, it doesn't matter, so close the screen with the x in the upper right. The desktop screen looks like this. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_23_32.png If you click "Activity" on the upper left, you will see this screen. Some software is included. Click on the fox pattern to launch FireFox. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_23_50.png I can't connect to the internet. Do you have to do the network settings yourself? The tsundere around here is full of linux feeling. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_24_17.png Click ▽ on the upper right to display this screen. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_24_39.png When you click the participation on the right of "Wired off" to display the menu, it looks like this. Click Priority Settings. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_24_58.png The network settings screen opens. Click the wired setting (gear mark). VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_25_11.png The network settings are displayed. "Automatic connection" is often seen in linux network settings, isn't it? VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_25_22.png Check it in. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_25_30.png Click the IPv4 tab with interest. For the time being, leave the automatic setting and click Apply. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_25_41.png Wired is already connected. Now try launching FireFox again. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_25_50.png The centos site has opened! It seems that the network could be set up with just this. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_26_26.png By the way, I'll try to connect with Google teacher who loves everyone. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_26_51.png

However, at this rate, it is not possible to connect from the host OS Windows 10 with teraterm. To make such a setting, you have to drop centos and change it from the VirtualBox setting.

Settings-Open the Network Adapters 2 tab and assign a host-only adapter. image.png Then launch centos and open the settings again and you'll see more Ethernet! Is this a host-only adapter! VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_29_49.png Open the added Ethernet (enp0s8) and click Connect. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_30_05.png The display changed from "Off" to "Connect ...". It seems that something was connected. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_30_19.png Let's take a look at the settings just in case. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_30_28.png Both are already connected. Try opening the Ethernet (enp0s8) settings. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_30_37.png The IP address is displayed. This is the IP when connecting from the outside. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_30_50.png Let's take a look at the IPv4 settings. Same automatic setting as before. VirtualBox_phptest_25_06_2020_21_48_37.png Since it's a big deal, I'll try using a fixed IP. VirtualBox_phptest_25_06_2020_21_51_12.png Turn off the connection once. VirtualBox_phptest_25_06_2020_22_27_07.png Connect again. VirtualBox_phptest_25_06_2020_22_27_55.png So when I check the IP address, it's changed properly. Awesome. VirtualBox_phptest_25_06_2020_22_29_12.png Try launching teraterm. image.png


image.png connected! image.png What was the command storm so far? How easy it is to set up ... However, for those who say, "No, I don't believe in GUI! CUI is justice!", I'll add a command. Double-click the device from the activity. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_33_13.png A screen like this opens. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_33_22.png For the time being, try adding nmtui. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_34_04.png The screen you often see. VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_34_10.png The host-only adapter is "wired connection 1". VirtualBox_phptest_24_06_2020_22_34_13.png The value you set earlier is included properly. VirtualBox_phptest_25_06_2020_22_39_44.png

Somehow, compared to when the command was set with a sword, it's too easy to beat. The details will be set with commands as before, but has linux been so low in hurdles ... (tears) Everyone at gnome has a linux life! g

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