[LINUX] Detect and process signals in Java.


It is better not to.

What is a "signal" in the first place?

Signal (English: signal) is a form of limited interprocess communication in POSIX-compliant OS such as UNIX and Unix. A mechanism for transmitting the occurrence of asynchronous events between processes or threads.

For example, you can stop it with Ctrl + C while the program is running, At this time, SIGINT is sent to the OS, a kill command is issued, and it is stopped.

To detect signals in Java

There is an API called sun.misc. {Signal, SignalHandler}. However, this API is not supported, and it is uncertain whether it will remain or disappear in Java 9. https://blogs.oracle.com/java/get-ready-jdk9 scared. very scary.

For the time being, I will use this in this summary.

First, let's find out which signals should not be used.

There are signals that the VM is grasping, so I would like to avoid that. That's why.

Signals used by the JVM

http://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/ja/SSYKE2_7.0.0/com.ibm.java.zos.71.doc/user/sighand.html As written here, the main signals are quite used.

Signals used by HotSpot VM

http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/signals-139944.html Again, the main signal is quite used. (It feels like the JVM)

What you can see so far

--It is safer not to detect the main signal (SIGINT or SIGTERM) --User definition (SIGUSR1 / SIGUSR2) is also used

Then use SIGRTMIN or later! !! !!

I can't say that. (But)

http://d.hatena.ne.jp/Kazuhira/20150422/1429713440 As written here, it cannot be used after RTMIN. sad. Very sad.

That's why

After spending a whole day so far, I decided to take another method. Fortunately, it wasn't a requirement to "detect the signal", so it's quite likely to be another way. Please be careful if there is a ** requirement to "detect a signal" **.

** But it's good because I learned !!! **
that's all.

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