Correspondence record of minor troubles in Linux installation and settings, etc.

Correspondence record of minor troubles when installing Linux on VirtualBox


  1. It is necessary to specify the ISO file used at startup when installing the HDD on Guest OS, but since Guest Additions cannot be installed yet, put the ISO file somewhere and download it into Guest OS with scp or wget. To do.
  2. If the monitor cannot be recognized on Guest OS, try something other than "VMSVGA" in the display settings.

"Kernel headers not found for target kernel" error when installing Guest Additions

apt install gcc make perl linux-headers-`uname -r ` To execute. Reference.

TinyCore -HDD installation -Japanese keyboard settings & [However, the boot option setting file was extlinux.conf]( php? topic = 13762.0) --Save settings (Reference)

  1. Describe the program you want to execute at startup in /opt/
  2. Describe the Path and program you want to save in /opt/.filetool.lst.
  3. Run -b.

Keyboard is in English after installing ibus-mozc

Return to the Japanese keyboard with this method.

Lightweight Linux Distribution installation try record

Try some Linux at here. Leave the impression of your favorite Distribution.

  1. Busterdog (Package is easy to put in, this is the best so far)
  2. Tinycore (better if you only use CLI)
  3. Slax (It is necessary to try the Japanese keyboard settings. Copy & Paste with the host OS in Virtualbox is still not successful)
  4. antiX (Copy & Paste with the host OS in Virtualbox has not been successful yet)

I also tried Bodhi Linux, SparkyLinux, Peppermint, Lubuntu, Puppy Linux, Slitaz, Damn Small Linux, Porteus and many more.

At the end

Thank you to all our ancestors.

(I may add it to this page.) v1.01 2020May31  v1.00 2020May24

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Correspondence record of minor troubles in Linux installation and settings, etc.
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