[LINUX] Convenient command combination

Convenient settings for ~ / .bashrc

Personally favorite settings

After cd, show the absolute path and directory contents


cdpwdls ()                                                                                          
    \cd $@ && pwd -P && ls                                                                             
alias cd='cdpwdls'

If head or tail, display with less


 hless ()                                                                                            
   \head $@ | less                                                                                 


tless ()                                                                                            
     \tail $@ | less                                                                                 

When the model goes down and I want to see SYSOUT, I think that there are many SYSOUT * and the file size is large and it is troublesome. tless SYSOUT* If you hit it, it will tail and less at once. Convenient!

qsub option settings

When throwing a job, if you want to hold the previous job until the end, here are some frequently used options.

The first argument is the job ID of the previous job, and the second argument is the job script you want to throw next.


qsubok ()
    \qsub -W depend=afterok:$1 $2


qsubany ()
    \qsub -W depend=afterany:$1 $2


qsubfail ()
    \qsub -W depend=afternotok:$1 $2

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