Connect to KUINS-III (Kyoto University VPN) from Linux using PPTP

Kyoto University provides on-campus web services through VPN services called KUINS-II and KUINS-III. Although this VPN service is compatible with Windows and macOS, Official is Linux. Does not correspond to. Yes, I asked the question. .. .. However, there are loopholes in everything. I was surprised to see this article, and it seems that OpenVpn can be used to connect to KUINS-II even on Linux. That means that PPTP can be connected to KUINS-III, isn't it? I thought, and wrote this article.

(Addition) PPTP service seems to end in December 2020

Difference between KUINS-II and KUINS-III

Before explaining the connection method, I would like to clarify the difference between KUINS-II and KUINS-III. KUINS-II is a VPN service provided for the entire university, and this is sufficient for viewing dissertations and inside information on major web pages. On the other hand, KUINS-III is a VPN service that has a host IP for each campus area on campus, and you can operate the PC and server in the laboratory by connecting to the vlan of the laboratory to which you belong. While both services officially recommend connecting with IKEv2, they are also provided with OpenVpn and PPTP for clients that do not support IKEv2. (You can use IKEv2 on Linux by installing the package, but I couldn't connect to KUINS-III no matter how hard I tried.) PPTP is compatible with both KUINS-II and III, but since OpenVpn is only compatible with KUINS-II, PPTP is used this time.

Connection procedure

The OS used was Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop. Maybe you can connect with other Linux.

  1. Open ** NetworkManager ** from ** Settings **.
  2. Press the ** + ** button in the ** VPN ** item to create a new PPTP connection profile, and you will see a screen like this.   Screenshot from 2020-07-15 10-50-16.png

--Select the gateway from List. --The user name is ECS-ID @ vlan number.

Now that the connection is ready, you can connect to the VPN by turning on the VPN toggle.

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