[LINUX] chmod 600 ← 600 isn't it?

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Purpose of this time

Know the number following chmod.


It's the type of permissions on the file



chmod is an abbreviation of "change mode", and edit authority is set by the combination of the number of digits and numbers. This will help prevent unauthorized access from third parties.

Number of digits meaning
1st digit (hundreds digit) Scope of access rights of the owner
2nd digit (tens digit) Scope of access rights for the group
3rd digit (1st place) Scope of access rights for other users
Numbers meaning
4 Read permission
2 Write permission
1 Execution permission
0 No authority

Authority will increase by adding numbers. For example, for all privileges 4 + 2 + 1 + 0 to 7 If you only read and write, 4 + 2 will be 6. You can set the users who can edit in this way.

in conclusion

There are a lot of other Linux commands, so think of them as part of them.

If even a small amount is helpful, please use LGTM and give us guidance in the comments section!

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