[LINUX] CentOS download procedure

About CentOS download procedure

This procedure describes the procedure to download CentOS as the OS for running in a virtual environment. If you haven't installed Hyper-V yet, see Install Hyper-V on Windows 10 (https://qiita.com/bitterrich/items/899c751eb7e79ebdbaca).

The screenshot uses chrome. The screen is as of April 2020.

Latest CentOS download procedure

01. Start your browser and enter the following address to go to the download site


Click on the CentOS Linux DVD ISO banner


02. Select from several download destinations to download the iso file


03. Save the iso file in the right place


How to download older versions of CentOS

01. Click then click hire in Older Versions


02. To download CentOS7.4 Click the CentOS7.4 tree


03. Click isos /


04. Click x86_64 /


05. Click CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-1708.iso


Actually, I can't download it by clicking the iso file. It is transferred to the mirror site to save bandwidth, but can be downloaded by following the same directory hierarchy again at the transfer destination.

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