[LINUX] Build Squid reverse proxy


Here, I would like to introduce an easy way to do a reverse proxy with Squid.


VirtualBox Vagrant Cent0S7 Apache

Here will introduce the construction. Please refer to it.


First of all, from the composition of roles Assuming that the server has already been built. .. ..

IP port role 8080 proxy(squid) 80 webserver(httpd)

First of all

$ sudo yum -y install squid

Continued editing (additional)

http_port accel defaultsite=
cache_peer parent 80 0 no-query originserver
$ systemctl start squid

If you access the proxy server and see the web server page, you are successful.


How was it? It's a simple operation check level. .. .. Next time, I wish I could introduce the construction with nginx. .. ..

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Build Squid reverse proxy