[LINUX] Be careful when running CakePHP3 with PHP7.2

PHP7.2 is a songwriter! ??

As I wrote in the following article, I run into an unexpected situation when I try to run CakePHP3 on PHP7.2. https://qiita.com/21century_girl_/items/5be2606b3bfa98514952

Originally, I received a request to migrate the server, so I upgraded from *** PHP7.1 to PHP7.2 *** with a light feeling, "How can I upgrade the PHP version?"

The php command doesn't work ...

php -v

This is the usual one. This is a command to check the version of php

command not found

It doesn't work.

php72 -v

This will work.

For the time being, as a simple response, it is posted in the following article, so I will omit it here https://qiita.com/21century_girl_/items/5be2606b3bfa98514952

The shell set in cron doesn't work ..

I set it in /etc/cron.d as follows.

* * * * * root /var/www/html/***/bin/cake test

It's a normal cron setting. In the above case, it is an image of running TestShell.php in the shell of cakephp.

But the following error. ..

Failed to find a CLI version of PHP; falling back to system standard php executable /var/www/html/service/bin/cake: line 72: exec: php: not found

Apparently, looking at line 72 of the file, it seems that you are hitting the php command ...

for TESTEXEC in php php-cli /usr/local/bin/php

However, this error is appearing because the php command does not work.

Then what should we do?

Set environment variables in cron file

Set as follows


* * * * * root /var/www/html/***/bin/cake test

Now the php command is also available and the cakephp shell is running.

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