AlterLinux-About the fully Japanese Linux distribution

What is AlterLinux

AlterLinux was developed by dozens of Japanese student developers and seems to be one of the few fully Japaneseized Linux distributions. It is said that this is the first Arch Linux-derived distribution that supports Japanese by default.

About UI

It seems that there are three types, Xfce version, KDE-Plasma version, and LXDE version, and now only Xfce version and LXDE version are available. The xfce version is AlterLinux 20Q1.1.0 Beta 1: Japan's first Arch Linux developed by Japanese students has been released, so I tried it. says that Chromium, Thunderbird, LibreOffice and VLC media player are included as standard.

The current development status

It seems that only the beta version has been released yet, and there are problems with installation etc., but I am looking forward to the stable version being released in the future.

About installation

It seems to be downloaded from this link. It seems that the latest version of LXDE version or xfce version will be selected and installed. It is described in detail in I installed AlterLinux on the actual machine and used it.

in conclusion

I hope that Alter Linux will be one of the pillars that support Linux in Japan. I haven't installed it yet, so I would appreciate it if you could write your impressions and mistakes in the comments (I don't have time).

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