[LINUX] All up to 775/664, 777/666, 755/644, etc.

chmod has a convenient -R option. If you do chmod -R 775 [dir], the files in [dir], the child directories, the files in it, etc. will all be chmod 775. It's convenient, but it's inconvenient because I want to have different permissions for directories and files, but all of them are 775, so this is a command to prevent that.

Directory is 775 / File is 664

I think there is the number one situation where you need chmod. For example, let's say you have a directory situation like this. image.png If you want the directory to be 775 and the file to be 664, hit this.


chmod -R "=r,u+w,g+w,+X" [dir]

image.png ** The directory is now 775 and the file is 664 **.

Directory is 777 / File is 666

You may not have much chance to do it, but I think that there may be times when you do not have an accident when taking over. Here's how to make it 777/666.


chmod -R "=r,u+w,g+w,o+w,+X" [dir]

image.png ** The directory is now 777 and the file is 666 **.

Directory is 755 / File is 644

It is when you want to make it so-called normal.


chmod -R "=r,u+w,+X" [dir]

image.png ** The directory is now 755 and the file is 644 **.


The ls command in the image uses ʻexa. l -T is an alias for ʻexa -la -T. See this article for details on the ʻexacommand that creates colorfulls`. ..

Use exa rather than ls! Introducing modern Linux commands-Qiita https://qiita.com/navitime_tech/items/c249269a3b47666c784b

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