[LINUX] Add "/" at the end when completing a directory symbolic link

Problem without slash

Symbolic creation

$ ln -s /path/to/target/dir_name ~/dir_name 

If you don't press Tab twice, you won't get a slash.

$ cd dir_na
$ cd dir_name 
$ cd dir_name/


Describe set mark-symlinked-directories on in .inputrc in your home directory. I made it because I didn't have the file itself.

$ echo "set mark-symlinked-directories on" >> ~/.inputrc

Some harmful effects

If / is added when rming a symbol, it will try to erase the actual situation. Be careful not to accidentally erase the entity.

#I'm going to do this
$ rm dir_name

#Possibility of making a mistake
$ rm dir_name/
rm: cannot remove 'dir_name/': Is a directory


[Don't call yourself a programmer without reading ls! ](Https://books.google.co.jp/books?id=kuKoDwAAQBAJ&lpg=PT76&dq=%E3%82%B7%E3%83%B3%E3%83%9C%E3%83%AA%E3%83 % 83% E3% 82% AF% E3% 83% AA% E3% 83% B3% E3% 82% AF% 20% E8% A3% 9C% E5% AE% 8C & hl = ja & pg = PT76 # v = onepage & q & f = false )

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