[LINUX] 2020 Portabook

The time is May 13, 2020

The time is May 13, 2020, around this time when news is flowing that part of the state of emergency will be lifted.

Because it's such a time

I have been under house arrest, working from home, and I decided to review the gadgets I have because of this. What I noticed is King Jim's porter book, which is not used in Windows 10, and it seems that Windows 10 Lean will be released about two years ago! Although there were expectations for a revival, it was empty and it was about to fertilize the room without turning on the power.

Serene Linux

So, wondering what to install, Serene Linux? So I installed it.

By the way, I have two porterbooks, so I don't think I want to go back to Windows 10, but I thought it would be nice if I got the necessary driver from another one, so I quickly said "Serene Linux Beta7 19Q 4.6.6" (Date: 2020-01-29) "was installed in the porterbook.

Some people have introduced Ubuntu 18.04 version before, and the same problem has occurred, but I think I'll use it everyday. (Maybe a lie) Similar issues: certain keys do not respond, Bluetooth does not recognize, no sound, etc.


The impression is light after all. If you browse Poxxxub, you will find that the CPU usage rate is close to 100% and the memory usage rate is 88%, but if you don't use it for that purpose, you can use it for a while, right? I think.

Installation points

The point of installation, secure boot should be disabled.

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2020 Portabook