[LINUX] 10 Years of Japanese Language Transfer IT From Shenzhen Arrival Japan Greater Tokyo Area Craft Life 2019

10 Years of Japanese Language Transfer IT From Shenzhen Arrival Japan Greater Tokyo Area Craft Life 2019

** Purpose: Japan since adult studies, Japan since Ikeguchi, Japan since non-communication, Japan since non-communication IT. ** </ u>


Japan opposition to my theory, a fairy tale, a fairy tale,

Japan's theory, actual economics, high impossibility,

Japan's dreams, dreams, dreams, dreams, and dreams.

2011, Japanese language school acquisition Japanese language school, garlic graduation past Japan, current commentary required 100,000 yuan deposit, full-time study abroad tuition, this kind of circumstance graduation graduation. Yuyu Poverty Limit Imagination, Dongguan-like adult talent market large-scale hand, Progress various types of mine Taiwan Engineering.

2018, Shenzhen Jiou Daegu Nogami, Kagumi Half Night, Shenzhen Night View Manya Lights, Soviet Japanese Language Ichitsu Telephone Questionnaire 们 你 Recollection Recollection of Japan This telephone point burns a perennial sympathy, Hoshisei no Hi Rapid Suzuhara.

Study abroad in Japan, work in Japan, study abroad talk, Japanese-style work for the first half of the year, high degree of pain, choice work, work in Japan. Arrive people can throw immigrants to Japan, unsuccessful investigations and unrequited people's thoughts, the actual problems, the minimum amount of money to be paid by the company, 5 million days, and so on.


2009-2011, domestic Japanese language training school, graduation. Acquisition Japanese 2nd, Japanese 1st certificate, J.TEST Associate B certificate.

2012-2014, self-thinking foreign language university, acquired self-thinking university.

2017-2019, acquired adult book science, trade international economic trade.

June-September 2019 Dalian, opening school Java relations front and back knowledge. HTML, CSS, JS, Vue.js, Node.js, Java, PHP, Laravel. Completion of framing Linux, SSH stile, SSM stile, microservices, Jenkins automation, etc., basic self-study.


[May 2018 :]

  1. This time, the IT work has been completed since the last thought, Japan has been removed.
  2. Start of production Start production day Bun 宀 历, Resume one midday 简 历 Duplicate, as before the update, the Chinese 宀 历.
  3. Invitation to Baidu's Ryoichi Nichiki network, Yasato's Ryoichi Kouichiki, Nichiki's plan.
  4. DODA Japanese Rikunabi NEXT in Japan, Skype interview, Skype interview, interview
  5. At the end of the day, I haven't been able to get rid of it.

[April 2019 :]

  1. Handicrafts, handicrafts, and handicrafts.
  2. Use Japanese-style DODA Japanese Rikunabi NEXT, and various Japanese-style Japanese sardines, PASONA, Recruit Agent, etc. Production date-style ** Resume ** Japanese ** Job history **.
  3. Utilization of Japanese scholarship network 站 寻 读 读 读 读 读 读 读 聚 聚
  4. Passing through various kinds of thoughts, such as Japanese hot spring liquor stores, telegraph shop-like work, etc.
  5. April 17th, Advancement First Family IT Company IT Co., Ltd. Interview Examination, This Family Co., Ltd. Employment May 2018 KFC is sitting in the office, and the company is ignorant. WeChat WeChat's management details and talents have been completed.
  6. Due to the reason, the scholarship of the scholarship was completed in Japanese.
  7. Interview, a Japanese corporation, the president, and a Chinese who is eternally qualified. Interviews, personal economics, background ordinary questions, Japanese-language exchanges, basic immersive and technical problems, rear-end firewood remuneration, Japanese craftsmanship, etc. The reason for this is that the company has a feeling of motivation.
  8. Reasons for self-thinking large-scale study, visa demand, visa, visa, visa, visa, visa, visa, visa, visa, visa, visa, visa, visa, visa, visa, visa, visa.
  9. Start-up survey, Soja Japan, Soja, Dalian, Soja
  10. April 22nd, Dalian Consideration of the Zodiac Car, Masanori Kouji, Ryoichi Reiichi Tenya, Departed from East and West. As a result, the most lucrative answer is that I have a personal friend in Hong Kong, and the reason for this is the IT business in Japan. Dalian Yuta This sample, Iya Iya is absent-minded.
  11. Seriyo Self-Incapacity Society

[May 2019 ~~ :]

  1. May 8-May 14, graduation, Japanese language, etc., Taobao seal, 2 inch sword, etc. Other materials packaging International EMS Japan Company, Yu Japan Company's application status.

――Dear sir, 芞 签 证 办 签 证 办 签 证 证, degree, Japanese, etc. ――However, the company's main idea is to push, and to think about it, and to answer the question. ――Because of my affairs, ** Academic Japanese and Japanese, etc. 级 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 ――This criticism Ichishita ignorant 哪 哪 哪 哪 哪 蓪 证 证 证 证 证 衧 ――Available The last time the test was completed. Unsuccessful degree

  1. June No. 1 Chairman's train leaving Dalian school.

  2. June 3rd arrival in Dalian, Dalian Hiroki, dormitory, dormitory, dormitory, dormitory, dormitory, board floor, basic capital, each individual company, IT-like introduction monkey, bun A rare and rare dormitory, a dormitory, a dormitory, a dormitory, a dormitory, a dormitory, a dormitory, a dormitory, a dormitory, a dormitory, a dormitory, a dormitory, a dormitory, and a dormitory. Twenty-three individual dormitories, other dormitories, other cities, and other places, such as Starbucks, which is close to the dormitory, and Starbucks, which is close to the dormitory. Recollection of this 几 individual monthly residence economics, Dalian summer heavenly small fan city deceased, true swordsmanship, swordsmanship Beginning 2 Advancement Ya Shiranichi Shiranichi, I'm 100,000, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry Tsukiya's death, Tomo, possible cause, self-impairment, joyful hitting, and 戏 吧. The last running time, Fusato repatriation, number retreat, and conscience.

  3. One-star period left and right Dalian branch company Cultivation and employment contracts.

  4. June 26-July 26, Dalian, Dalian, Dalian, Dalian, Fusako, Kung Fu, Kung Fu, Kung Fu, Kung Fu.

  5. On August 28, the arrival of the notification of personnel at Nihon Kosha, and the completion of the certificate of residence.

  6. September 5, ** Certificate of Eligibility ** Passing EMS, Typology of Residence ** In-house transfer 1 year **,

  7. Estimated residence permit, August 2nd, Tokyo scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship Incoming time, time of stay under the average of my departure, cause of non-passage of residence, etc., my true ideology Contribution fee, June 11th, Nippon Kosha personnel affairs work economics, request for residence of residence, request for residence of residence, June 15th, left and right, approval of August 15th, etc. The news of the arrival of the death, etc., Shinsato Makoto.

  8. September 5th, Chargé d'Affaires International Friendship Service Center Application Fee ** Visa **, Demand Material:

① , Visa application form ,

② , Hukou Hon original case

③ , Resident status original case

④ , Dalian Xiaoju Satoshi original case

⑤ , Passport original case

⑥ , White photograph and recovery stamp ,

Specific points of each 蒨 询 ward (individual departure 譾 证 只 证 菪 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证

  1. September 16th, Visa Visa.

  2. September 24th, Kaiken.

  3. Shenzhen Bank of China, Shenzhen Bank of China, Former Money, Most of the Bank of China, Bank of China, Great Bank of China. The best match in front of Toriyuki. Approximately 25W of withdrawal Approximately 25W Japanese exchange rate 2 individual monthly life Yuichi 顿 饭 钱, current rate, 0.066632, rate possible Reference: People's Bank-Foreign Exchange-Wasan Net.

  4. October 10th, Japan! !! Self-directed Nanko direct flight Haneda airport ticket, one month before the presentation, 958 yuan for convenience of the ticket, and also the white sky, the sitting up and down, but the first sitting 4 pieces, the small time, the feeling of reduction Long. Related entry, zero-zero charge, zero-zero, built-in, search engine, online search engine, self-supporting content, unnecessary hand-held foot on the plane.

  5. Demand preparation circumstances before coming to Japan: ❶. Telephone card network wifi 卡, Taobao 购 买 蓾 蓾: http://zmnxbc.com/s/71iSV?tm=452a56 (Wi-Fi 卡 at the time of the flight CMlink-like telephone card, for convenience. ❷. After arriving in Japan, a visa for a family member, a wife and a child, etc. Request for a later flight to Japan ❸. Gyo-ri problem, company dormitory one-person room, but scholarship scholarship self-provided, can come from domestic 带 並 购 議 ❹. West clothing, shirt, shirt, this individual minimum equipment ❺. Demand before going to the desk Assistance Assistance, Demand for immigration on the plane ❻. Hand-to-hand exchange

Company and work style

  1. Application-like company, Kanagawa 县 吉 Chinese pioneer 8 years left-right small IT encapsulation company, this company reduction-related 联 联 联 联 联 联 联 联 联 联 联

  2. Entry company, IT direction, some people, some people, some people, graduation points, Japanese basic capital. This is a trivial east-west immediate messenger.

  3. Experienced technology experience Demand related qualifications, university degree type, experience qualifications, work experience period, etc .; best N3-N2 horizontal and more than 2 years work experience, etc.

Beginning of my life Opposite to visa

――Japanese, Japanese good luck, good luck, good luck, Japanese Japanese visa, visa, non-advanced human talent can add points.

--Company company, company company, company company, company company, company, company, company, company, company, company, company, company, company, company, company, company, company, company, company, company, company, company, company, company.

――Work experience, 假 聇 IT, the best experience in Japan, related IT work experience, of course, Yue Nagakoshi.

――Academic 历, 你 Requirement arrival in Japan, the best academic affairs, this individual affair. Adult 帓, self-examination study 历, 专, this science 历, etc.

--Nyokarai Japan IT, Visa of Science and Technology. Domestic proof of study (software proof, calculation desk, network, communication direction proof) Special assistance, proof of study, network engineer, etc., etc. 软 软 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证. Specific Certificate of Japan Acceptable Understanding Ichishita:

1 (1).png

4. Japan IT Business Status:

1 (2).png

--A group of people who are instructed, have a small amount of SE work, and are unskilled. Incorporation of money, craftsmanship, openness, advancement of the method of integrators in Japan, genuine reciprocal network business in Japan, WEB-based business in the name of a minor person, SIer phase integrator WEB-based business. --SIer (Systems Integrator er), Ya theory system integrator, er anthropomorphic expression method. Can understand software subcontractor subcontractor. --Upstream Arinomura, Itochu, NEC, Fujitsu, NTT DATA, KDDI, etc .; Other subcontractors. --Subcontractor, subcontractor, subcontractor, independent company, screaming soft shop, this kind of general city, Japanese open company, this trivial SIer-like activity. --Re-subcontractor, subcontractor, subcontractor, general capital company, small ability, however, subcontractor, Chinese old-fashioned company, and subcontractor. ――This kind of small dispatch company, multi-person staffing, cross-dispatching, small dispatching, 哪TENGA 缺 人 艾 找 你 诠; ――Tada IT 赴 輙 輙 輙 輙 輙 輙 耶 耶 .. ――This is a subcontractor, a subcontractor, an emergency, and a subcontractor. ――Issues required SIer business mixed profits required morning IT consultant Ya employment IT system, affairs question Type this trivial content. Detailed design, editing, measurement, downstream of the city, and so on. The reason for this is that it is a trivial matter, and that it is a meaning-of-concept sentence. --SIer business general city agile development, general city waterfall style development. However, I am ignorant, etc. SIer 什么 憵, I am an individual SIer, I am agile, I am agile, AWS is a trivial service, Jenkins is automated, etc. --SIer business general city policy large item, dynamics 几 100 top thousand people item. In addition, the capital is a trivial state infrastructure, a bank, a bank, and a government office. --However, most of the Japanese IT small companies are dispatched from the capital, and the company is alive; Company (name ** present **) China's top group, development agency. ――Currently, the demand for the upper group's desk is self-assessed. ――After uniting the items, the demand for the new item, the general SES-like items, 3 months, the current person, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company, and the company. , Monthly notice before the proposal of the Nakaikai , From the time of the flight; --Self-affiliated temporary staffing company 仅 负 责 Invitation work, 联 system current safety interview, work such as salary work.

  1. Arrival of Japan General Residence Company, Conditional self-removal individual UR 团 ji Residential improvement, opening bank, bank account, daily necessities, etc., no need for west warding, west warding, west warding A sequel to the sword, a sword, a sword, a sword, a sword, a sword, a sword, a sword, a sword, a sword, and a sword.

Joint and subsequent conditions

Work conditions

  1. In Japan before coming to Japan, Japan's predecessor company, Natsutan 譾 订 劳 芳, 3 years, cultivating period in Japan 3rd year company Can 让 你 赔 cultivated 训 费 譾 证 办 贞 费 軀 么, about 10,000 yuan left and right. This individual joint can not be seen, the cause individual feelings Chinese Japanese Japanese law disagreement, 你 只 required arrival Japan, this individual joint non-useless consideration 虑 Other stipulations.

  2. Favorable correction company in Japan, the result has been reached. Japan Co., Ltd. has been jointly entrusted with the employment affairs commission. At this time, there is no special help, but Kyoya Tadashi. Japanese general general employment contract type classification:

2.1. Employees

2.2. ** Contract company **

2.3. Temporary staffing agency

2.4. Individual business owner

General explanation, the reason for this kind of domestic invitation arrival Japanese company capital scholarship small model SES company, the reason for general non-reduction dispatch quality; natural, regular company invitation various types of employees, employment tax, insurance, etc. Directional Hana 费 很taka; Because of the general Chinese old board, domestic invitation IT technology, traditional employment joint form, capital contract company.

Special ignorance, the completion of the contract of the company, the direct joint of the individual personnel, the joint of the company, the employment of the company, the employment of the company, the stipulation of the company Extreme. Kichido, in Japan, foreigner's repatriation, Japanese person's personal affairs, monthly income basic capital, 500,000 days yuan In addition, the most recent situation, the form of the dispatched company, and the actual method of dispatching the company.

  1. Individual self-payment, national health insurance, national pension, self-reporting.

  2. Monthly firewood about 25-300 + 10,000, experience work economics, experience work 5 years left and right almost can reach 50W monthly firewood.

  3. Yearly firewood apportionment 12 months standard, next month bottom out.

  4. All information and transportation (limited train commuter pass, maximum of 20,000 days per month).

  5. Welfare such as annual leave, annual leave, and one-point travel.

  6. Non-packed food inn, usually 100,000 days per month.

  7. Formal work at the time of the arrival of the deceased sect 60% work, every week of the holidays + legal holiday.

  8. Hoten work 8 small hours, midday general rest 1 small time, 带 子 费 (basic unnecessary aspiration)

  9. Basic work time of each month, each company's own fixed time, normal month work time, example 160-200 pieces, monthly record of the person's work time, low limit, low limit, super limit Partial inclusion and addition group time, work period, contracted within the ward, fixed month with firewood, not enough. Rebellion, normal salary, few salaries, majority of time occupancy.

  10. Yearly primary firewood desk meeting, Supreme Ya 涨 individual month firewood amount 50,000 days left and right.

  11. Self-research completed, my company company lottery rate (margin), Yasushi water drawing, middle-class business difference. Lottery rate difference 40%--50% left and right.

  12. The actual game is a Chinese character, a self-death self. Our interview family Japanese-style IT dispatch company,

--Chief ancestors lottery rate meeting, 30%, and in fact, the lottery rate with no difference in the Japanese dispatch industry, 20%--30%. ――Japanese-style joint meeting, 軙 你 虠, 蹈 你 舠 聠 聠 虠, lottery rate, item period period. ――The company is undecided, the suicide by the hangman, the last one of the suicides, the last one of the suicide by the company This family company's color, Suicide by hanged. This is a fortune-telling work. In-house conversion visa is not possible.

Actual work


Large-scale SIer company, the first item in Japan, the first item in the first place, the first item in the emergency, the second item in the second package, the second package in Japan This individual one-pack company activity, the reason why two individuals are dispatched from the company, two individual companies, 8 and 9 points from the company Boss, company, company, personality, old-fashioned, unscrupulous, early, unsuccessful, mid-morning, scholarly Japanese, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship I'm sorry.

After that

I'm afraid that I've achieved everything because of my feelings. After the death, the front desk was completed, the front desk was completed, the cause was new coronavirus pneumonia, the waiting family was 40% completed, the waiting desk was completed for 2 months, and the nausea was extremely nausea. In addition, it is a joint effort of the cause and management, the labor standards inspection office is not in charge of this matter, the size and size of the rule, and the rule of the city. I started and started working.

40 Top-level interview 20th grade, Japanese-style interview 30th grade, 50 administrative scriveners. The result of the current visa change. Hope, effort, inspiration, self, incompetence.

1 (3).png


  1. Related visa theory:

--Since the admission of adult studies, Japan, Adult Daisuke, Adult Main Course, Self-Thinking Daisuke, Self-Thinking Main Course Capital ――However, it is an IT-like, academically-oriented, and most suitable-oriented calculator. ――Under troubled circumstances, you can work in the company, invest in visa, study abroad visa, technical intern training visa. The answer to the question is free of charge. --Investment economy 营 譾 证 best equipment 500,000 yuan, best unnecessary investment bunch local production, slaughtered family company. ――Students like scholarship in Japanese, study abroad visa, unnecessary visa, study abroad visa, study abroad visa, arrival of visa, useless visa, 1st year visa, 2nd class. Part-time work during the study abroad period, part-time study abroad, re-examination during the study abroad period Individual domestic adult study abroad. ―― 办 什么 签 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 艾 师 ――Request for visa, visa for visa, material for self-constant preservation, 你 top-filling work, economics, and prevention. In addition, the administrative scrivener's favorable treatment is not necessary, and the detailed meeting fee is organized, the comprehensive request material, the post-application meeting report, the request form, and the useless material. This is a good treatment for flowers. --Administrative scrivener Yayoshi, Ritsuho Yayoshi, Request for visa, Associate equipment fee, Associate equipment fee, Post-committee entrustment, Chargé d'affaire, etc. After that, it was a rehearsal. Anti-regular visa fee, etc. After collection, application for visa, visa success, 80% completion, causal material non-conformity, etc. Visa is not allowed, other party's departure is caused by a heavy new request or person's request, and the last effort of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The only material that can be used is the one that is used for construction, and the other is not accepted. Owned materials Tohoku Assistance, Receipt Ya kaiho, Entrusted joint deceased character employment agreement, or illegal operation of the city. ――Absent-minded visa can be a visa for individual travelers. Detectives, Detectives, Detectives, Detectives, Detectives, Detectives, Detectives, Detectives, Detectives, Detectives, Detectives, Detectives, Detectives. Non-meeting Japanese translation. ――The company is a family-friendly company, and the visa visa is not used. ――Konakasuke, a Japanese-style tuition, immediate rationality, scholarship, tuition, and tuition. Nakasuke 绍 WORK 赴 Nikkei Basic Toshito Shijin Unscrupulous, arriving at the time 你 Required flowers Many hours conversion work direction. However, is it a perfect beauty? There is a time when Noh is coming to work.

  1. Since then, Japan has been taxed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and has been subsidized by Japan. A good point for living in Japan as a family. Bunch of water and electricity. The family member's family visa has been completed, and the visa of the family has been approved by the Ministry of Public Affairs.

  2. Non-communication Nakasukeya Since then, Japan, Jomen has been explained and is immediately rational. The schedule is more specific than the Japanese schedule. However, this is a small difference in the number of people who are involved in the process. The cause of the work is a layered work, and the work is done in a way that is similar to that of a Japanese wood-burning work, and is a type of salary.

  3. Since the Japanese language non-meeting IT is possible, Japan, Japan's IT business, and the non-existing national IT business capital can be returned. The reason for this is that I have been visiting the Japanese language business for many years. As a result, it is a tactical process, and it is an IT business.


The best in the world, the best in the world! It is a bioluminescence in the city, but it is the most suitable bioluminescence.

Fumiiri Monopod Fumiiri Japanese This is a global small companion. 做 IT program introduction, translation, Japanese business, quality control, purchasing, process manager, 臇 购, etc.

Soshin This volume is a Japanese-style Ichijo Detchi.

This volume is affirmative and guilty, many people, Nakasuke, and various merchants. Currently, the original idea of the sky, the white wolf, the true idea of Japan, but the amount of money that is available, the amount of money that is used, the amount of money that is used, the amount of money that is used, the amount of money that is used by the Ministry of the Ministry of Education, and the amount of money that is not required to be specified. After that, Ichijo road running down the road, and the impressions of the people, and the misery of the people. In addition, the current concept of the South China area has been completed 10 next year, the Japanese language business, the initial non-applicable manufacturing, the active production, the small number of people, and the low-ranking responsibility. Monopod stepping IT business, feeling true 360 degree big change sample.

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