[LINUX] (Under investigation) USB camera that does not work with WebRTC on RPi4


When I tried to run ML2Scratch on a Raspberry Pi 4, there was a USB camera that didn't work. In conclusion, WebRTC on RPi4 with Buster doesn't seem to work with Logitech c270. And since it looks like an old camera, I don't feel like it will work with WebRTC for the time being. As a temporary workaround, I'm using another camera.


In Scratch3, it is written in Javascript. As an extension of that, it calls WebRTC (via scratch-vm and scratch-gui). We tested only the WebRTC screen to isolate the question of whether it was ML2Scratch or a browser. In addition, since it works normally on Windows on Intel x86, is the Raspberry Pi 4 Linux or the software under it bad? I think. When the following screen with WebRTC only is displayed, it becomes black. If you look at it with ML2Scratch, you will see a black background and a cat screen.

The results I have tried are as follows.

Model name USB2 USB3 luvcview
Logitech C270 × ×
Elecom UCAM-C520FEBK


I threw it on the Raspberry Pi Forum (2020/3/18). It seems that there are quite a lot of problems, so I feel like I'm left alone. I'd like to find out if I have time, but unfortunately I'm pending because I don't have time.


Check device

The device can be checked with Linux commands and Chrome. For Linux, you can see it with the following command.

For Linux

$ lsusb

List of working drivers

$ lsmod -v

For Chrome

With Chrome, you can check the status of the media below. However, it is commonly recognized.

Check out the list of volunteer cameras running on the Raspberry Pi. Logitech C270 seems to have some compatibility issues and sometimes doesn't work.

Finally, take a look at Chromium's fault list. It doesn't look like Chromium's 74-78 corrections have been included here.

Raspberry Pi

Linux soft stack

Scratch3 call path

From VideoSensing, I'm finally calling Javascript (getUserMedia). Therefore, it depends on WebRTC.

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